Voices from Venus Tarot is dedicated to providing a confidential, caring, and insightful reading experience.  I offer private, live online Tarot consultations via instant messaging as well as written readings. Live chat allows you to keep a written copy of our work together.

All of my readings and consultations combine my astrological knowledge & experience with the ancient archetypal imagery of the tarot and utilize my deep spiritual awareness and intuitive psychic healing ability to bring you the answers you seek to your deepest questions.  Please come prepared to share yourself so that I may serve you to the fullest extent possible.

I do all of my readings myself, by hand, whether live in chat or via a written reading.  I do not offer a computerized reading with a bit of extra interpretation - the entire process is done by me, for you, and I do not limit my readings by pages...I will give you as much as I possibly can with each and every reading. 

I specialize in complicated relationships, but I am also experienced with financial and career questions, family difficulties, and traumatic experiences.  I work with the most complicated situations possible and I do not shy away from or judge those involved in situations many other readers would have difficulty working with.

I am a claircognizant (to 'know'), clairsentient (to 'feel'), clairaudient (to 'hear'...thus, Voices), with clairaurience (to 'smell').
"WOW! That was pretty incredible, I will digest all of the wisdom you were able to pass along to me, thank you soo much! " 

"I have been working with Dena for a couple of years now and trust her implicitly!  She is always honest, straight-forward, and kind.  I will be back for more readings as
needed!  I highly recommend Dena's services."

Elaine, Ohio US
"The Psychological Tarot was absolutely phenomenal and helped me beyond belief.  Thank you, Dena, for being there!"

Carole, FL US
"Thank you Dena!!!  What a load off my shoulders, literally - it's like a huge weight of uncertainty has been lifted!"

Danielle, CA US
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I am quite psychic myself, plus have many years of experience with others, but, besides uncanny "accuracy" and insight, there is no replacement for a TRUE connection with Spirit like Dena has!

"Wow Dena! Everything you said was absolutely correct! I wanted to see how accurate you would be without me giving you a lot of info and wow. I am impressed."

TG, Texas

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I am an individual, private reader who works only for Spirit and for my clients, not for a company or conglomerate.  I have many clients and thus I schedule appointments. Please see my schedule to the right for upcoming openings.

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I will contact you personally to set up our meeting. I can generally schedule within 24 - 48 hours after cleared payment.

April 2016 SPECIAL:

$15 Tarot Reading: 1 question, 3 card mini tarot reading. Delivered via email within 48 hours.

I have over 14 years professional experience and read the tarot and offer intense astrological services internationally...I am also a professional astrologer, metaphysician, and karmic healer. Read more about my astrological work here.

I provide personal service, nurturing advice, and deep insight.  I answer all email personally so if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at Dena@voicesfromvenus.com or Dena@throughnightsfire.com

Be not afraid of growing slowly, be afraid only of standing still.

Chinese Proverb

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$55 - Pay online via credit card, Paypal, or eCheck
$40 - Paid with check, money order, or Western Union

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$75 - Pay online via credit card, Paypal, or eCheck
$60 - Paid with check, money order, or Western Union

60 minutes

$100 - Pay online via credit card, Paypal, or eCheck
$80 - Paid with check, money order, or Western Union

90 minutes

$150 - Pay online via credit card, Paypal, or eCheck
$120 - Paid with check, money order, or Western Union

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