Dena L Moore

Intuitive Evolutionary Astrologer
Karmic & Transitional Healer
Spiritual & Metaphysical Consultant
Mystic Poet & Writer

Every breath we take is sacred and infused with the essence of our being.  It links us to the greater Essence - God, Goddess, the Universe, Spirit - and to each other.

Each of us is unique, a divine spark with an immortal Soul that exists whether we are incarnated in form or not. This essence - our Soul - has chosen to work on various lessons in each of our lives but it is not always easy to discern our own potential or know what direction or path we should take to manifest our highest development.

I believe that every day, every emotion, and every experience has a reason and that all is sacred. I approach life from this perspective, recognizing and embracing the beauty of the rhythm of life, not shying away from intense emotions, not giving into fears we all face, but exploring and confronting them. I am a breath of fresh air, practicality, and compassionate forthrightness to those who have been led astray by New Age practices that repress, deny, or condemn the deeper aspects of life and offer somewhat superficial approaches that mask problems rather than expose or resolve them. 

I am about awakening and evolving, not on my timeline, but on yours.  Not with preconceived methods and notions aimed at the general public, but with methods developed with you, for you, as an individual. I will help you develop your own spirituality, not mine. I work with and support all religions and all backgrounds, with respect and without judgment.

The primary focus of my work is transforming negative energy and fear into positive tranquility.

I offer a safe place to express yourself fully; a place where you can drop all shields and masks and truly get to know your own Soul.  Committed to helping others gain a deep understanding of the cycle of life and death, birth and rebirth, I help others to discover their true Self and fulfill their potential. 


I am an Intuitive Evolutionary Astrologer who specializes in Karmic astrology, intensive counseling and awakening through discussion, and helping you heal through understanding the spiritual significance and growth inherent in your karmic relationships. I work internationally, with clients and friends all over the world.  As such, I strive to bridge any cultural barriers by being open to (and studying) any and all lifestyles, belief systems, and by continuously communicating with people from different cultures.

I am also the mother of two beautiful children, an avid traveler, Metaphysician, History buff, herbalist, poet, & student of the Universe.

My primary guide/channel is Metatron and I also channel Venusian energy. I am a 'super-venus' type of person and relate to the many faces of the Venus/Aphrodite archetype as well as the energy/mythology of Persephone (going below to transform and transcend).  You can see my natal chart here, with Cupido and Venus rising in Libra, closely followed by Jupiter and Moon in Scorpio (all in the 1st house).

I have over 14 years professional experience and read the tarot and offer intense astrological services internationally...I am also a professional astrologer, metaphysician, and karmic healer. Read more about my spiritual work here and my astrological work here

To order an astrology consultation visit me at Through Night's Fire

I provide personal service, nurturing advice, and deep insight.  I answer all email personally so if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at or
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"WOW! That was pretty incredible, I will digest all of the wisdom you were able to pass along to me, thank you soo much! " 

"I have been working with Dena for a couple of years now and trust her implicitly!  She is always honest, straight-forward, and kind.  I will be back for more readings as
needed!  I highly recommend Dena's services."

Elaine, Ohio US
"The Psychological Tarot was absolutely phenomenal and helped me beyond belief.  Thank you, Dena, for being there!"

Carole, FL US
"Thank you Dena!!!  What a load off my shoulders, literally - it's like a huge weight of uncertainty has been lifted!"

Danielle, CA US
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I am quite psychic myself, plus have many years of experience with others, but, besides uncanny "accuracy" and insight, there is no replacement for a TRUE connection with Spirit like Dena has!

"Wow Dena! Everything you said was absolutely correct! I wanted to see how accurate you would be without me giving you a lot of info and wow. I am impressed."

TG, Texas

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