The Number 7, Love, and Contrasting Forces
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The Number 7 in general is associated with the mystic world of intuition, psychic powers, dreams, and contemplative spiritual growth. It is also a number that denotes keen observation, intellectual pursuits, and an interest in science - a need to know how things work and fit together - from both a practical and intuitive angle. An aura of holiness and good fortune often surrounds this number, perhaps even to the point that the energy seems unattainable - untouchable - for the everyday common person incarnated here on Earth. Contemplating on the Number 7, we may feel the presence of God (Goddess, Spirit, the Universe, the Divine Creator)…some of us may seek out this energy, feeling that through it we can connect more fully to Spirit. However, the contrasting forces within the number 7 are such that others may feel overwhelmed, small, or insignificant when they go into this energy.  This is a number that resonates with the essence of All Being, every face of God and Goddess, no matter how heavenly or hellish in appearance.  Through the energy of Number 7, we can learn to embrace the whole - the dark and the light - and see beyond the differences…we can come to understand that everything is connected and that we are all animated by the spark of God.

Associated with both the Chariot and the Tower in the Tarot, we see the contrasting and powerful energy right away.  Balancing opposing forces and triumph over obstacles are two of the key phrases used when the Chariot appears in a Tarot reading. The Chariot is the Major Arcana card Number 7.  This is the powerful force tugging and pushing us forward helter skelter while we struggle with the reins…the past tugs us backwards and the future pulls at us, drags us, sometimes unmercifully, into the unknown.  The astrological correspondence of the Chariot is that of Cancer, and thus, the Moon.  Moody, insightful, gloriously intuitive Lunar energy…the tide crashing in only to recede again.  The elemental correspondence is that of Water and the suite of Cups. The energy of the Chariot, like that of Water, is difficult to control or contain. No matter how many manmade structures we concoct to control the sea, the force of a hurricane or tsunami can pull it apart and remind us that there are aspects of the world, nature, and the universe we cannot control and know very little about. Whether expressed through the observant, scientific energy of Number 7 or the mystical seer energy of Number 7, the outcome is still the same…there are some things in this universe which are beyond our control.  We may be able to predict it and track it on our monitors, but when it crashes over us, we can only wait for the water to recede and see what is left in the aftermath.  When we are placed in the role of Charioteer it is possibly our greatest challenge and most blessed obligation to find the balance that will allow us to gain enough control (of our selves, our personal difficulties, or the struggle of others) to proceed on our spiritual journey, both as an individual and as a world community as a whole.  Like the Cancerian crab, we may need to pull within and approach the obstacles from the side in a cautious manner, rather than charging ahead without purpose…the tug to the past keeps us grounded in what could happen again if we aren’t careful while the push to the future helps us to take considered risks that will lead us forward. Unfortunately, the current state of World affairs shows us that many of our leaders are ignorant concerning the past and what has gone before, and as such, they are unable to drive us forward successfully in the role of Charioteer. We are spinning our wheels instead of advancing.

The other Tarot card associated with the Number 7 is the Tower.  The Tower is the Major Arcana card number 16 (1 + 6 = 7). The conflicting energy of the Number 7 reaches a crisis point and suddenly, something must change.  Whether it comes through a shock, untamed forces of nature (as discussed above considering the difficulty in controlling the sea), or a change we’ve personally instigated, when the Tower falls, we will be shaken out of our dream world. The Tower’s astrological correspondence is that of Mars, and vibrates with the energy of both Aries and Scorpio. The elemental correspondence is that of Fire and Water and the combined suites of Wands and Cups. Combining Fire and Water, we have a bubbling brew in the world and intense steam.  The vivid imagery of lightning striking the tower in most tarot decks reminds us of the uncontrollable, unpredictable power of God. As we fall, with the stones crumbling around us, rain pouring down, and steam rising from the scalded stones, we are suddenly thrust into recognizing the higher forces at work in the Universe.  Like the Chariot, the Tower shows us the contrasting forces at work within our lives, our physical vs. our spiritual needs, and the need to find a working balance…the most obvious difference between these two tarot cards is that the Chariot promises that we can gain some sort of control and manage our actions and behaviors favorably in order to grow while the Tower thrusts the change upon us in the form of crisis.  Perhaps we weren’t able to find the balance the Chariot asks us to and the choice is no longer ours to make. Despite this drastic difference in expression, the Number 7 is decidedly at work, showing us yet another face of Spirit.  When you wake up in the morning, the entire world has changed.

Concerning love and relationships, the contrasting energy of the Number 7 can be difficult to contain, control, or channel.  In a very real sense, the Number 7 can signify the need to be alone in order to explore the deeper meaning of life, to study philosophy and tantra, write poetry or music, interpret dreams, or engage in scientific experiments.  The need to be alone and to experience life quietly may prevent a relationship from forming, or it can help to create a feeling of unrequited love, as the loved one may appear to be too God/Goddess-like to approach.  A relationship may feel dreamy, very connected spiritually yet non-committal or difficult to establish in the practical, physical world.  It may seem easier to keep a potential relationship in that ‘dreamy’ phase, as reality never quite seems to live up to unrealistic expectations.  The darker side of the Number 7 energy could be expressed through escapism, mood disorders, and addictions…which will, in the long-run, force one so attuned to be alone in order to work with and overcome the difficulties sometimes presented through this numerical vibration. You must first see the dark before you can begin to understand and appreciate the light. A romantic connection expressing this energy could be one of the deepest, most spiritual relationships possible (The Chariot being driven successfully), or, in direct contrast, a very troublesome one that forces, sometimes violently through crisis (The Tower), each partner to seek a deeper understanding of love, life, and spirituality.  The significant difference in expression of the Number 7 energy in relationship is due to the nature of the individuals involved.  If both partners are seeking spiritual enlightenment and are on their own path, then they will support the other during times of withdrawal and quiet. They will witness the light of the other and honor it. When challenges present themselves, and they will, they go within themselves and find the strength to overcome the obstacles together, with faith.  They recognize and see God/Goddess in everything, both the good and the bad.  Perhaps they have already been through the fires themselves and no longer need to experience the dark side of the number.  The troubles faced in a Number 7 type of relationship range from dealing with the difficulties of mental illness and addictions to serious disappointment and disillusionment when the veil lifts and the lover is seen to be as he or she really is, rather than the fantasy partner one thought him or her to be.  No matter which type of relationship is formed with the Number 7 energy, the goal is always the same - a deep, mystical understanding of our self, our place in the world, and soul growth.

Other considerations and information on the Number 7:

The 7th Chakra is the Crown Chakra, which is represented by the 1000 petaled lotus, symbolizing our ability to connect directly with Spirit.  We have no need of a middle man in our relationship with God/Goddess, although many prefer to seek guidance and the comfort of an authority figure to guide them in the spiritual realms. Some believe that the halo appearing around Christ’s head is a symbol of awakening to the Divine. The lessons of the Crown Chakra are spiritual in nature; learning to recognize the holiness in all aspects of life and within every living thing, no matter how beautiful or reprehensible, seeking to help others through faith and inspiration, learning to trust life in order to move forward with courage while keeping in mind how every thought and action on our part vibrates the web of life. The Crown Chakra lessons within relationship are to learn to fully value another soul as much as you value your own, to see and recognize another person’s light, and to learn to honor the Divine Creator together while loving and honoring one another as an individual spark. Our connection to Spirit is what gives us the strength to withstand the trials and crises of life (The Tower) and enables us to take the reins when we must and steer the Chariot into the unknown.

Gemstones with the Number 7 vibration:

Angelite, Opal, Jasper, Onyx, Azurite, Pearl, Sodalite, Amethyst, Sugalite, Paua Shell, Aquamarine, Moonstone
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