Voices from Venus Tarot & Oracle Guidance with Dena L Moore, Intuitive Evolutionary Astrologer, Metaphysician, & Metatron Venusian Channel
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Titian's Venus Anadyomene (1525)
Voices from Venus Tarot & Oracle Guidance with Dena L Moore, Intuitive Evolutionary Astrologer, Metaphysician, & Metatron Venusian Channel
International Online Astro - Tarot Consulting with Intuitive Evolutionary Astrologer Dena L Moore

Non-judgmental, Compassionate, Open-minded and Gentle (but direct) Guidance along the Path of life
"WOW! That was pretty incredible, I will digest all of the wisdom you were able to pass along to me, thank you soo much! " 

"I have been working with Dena for a couple of years now and trust her implicitly!  She is always honest, straight-forward, and kind.  I will be back for more readings as
needed!  I highly recommend Dena's services."

Elaine, Ohio US
"The Psychological Tarot was absolutely phenomenal and helped me beyond belief.  Thank you, Dena, for being there!"

Carole, FL US
"Thank you Dena!!!  What a load off my shoulders, literally - it's like a huge weight of uncertainty has been lifted!"

Danielle, CA US
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I am quite psychic myself, plus have many years of experience with others, but, besides uncanny "accuracy" and insight, there is no replacement for a TRUE connection with Spirit like Dena has!

"Wow Dena! Everything you said was absolutely correct! I wanted to see how accurate you would be without me giving you a lot of info and wow. I am impressed."

TG, Texas

Weekly Lover's Erotic Love Tarot Readings
hand-drawn, written, & interpreted by Dena L Moore

The Weekly Erotic Love Tarot Readings are dated Friday - Thursday. Friday is ruled by Venus, so the 'Love' week naturally begins on Friday, at sunset.

Personalized Weekly Erotic Love Tarot Scopes
includes sexual interpretations for the week

This service is now Personalized and based on your own birthdate!

You will receive a week by week Erotic Tarot Reading for you personally, hand-drawn and interpreted for your upcoming weeks ahead. Available in 4 week increments.  In full color, including a picture of the tarot card for each week. Delivered via email in PDF format within 72 hours after purchase (depending on my schedule, it may be sooner).  Please order ahead of the time-frame you desire. I will contact you for your name and birthdate upon purchase or you can speed up the process by sending the information needed directly to me via email at Dena@voicesfromvenus.com

You can see an example of what my zodiac tarot readings are like here. This is an example of my old weekly generalized tarot scopes, not the new personalized ones.

I have over 9 years professional experience and read the tarot and offer intense astrological services internationally...I am also a professional astrologer, metaphysician, and karmic healer. Read more about my spiritual work here and my astrological work here.  I now always combine astrology and tarot in one consultation as this gives me access to answers tarot alone may not provide. Please contact me for a quote or order a more thorough and in-depth astrology consultation (without tarot) at Through Night's Fire

I provide personal service, nurturing advice, and deep insight.  I answer all email personally so if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at Dena@voicesfromvenus.com or Dena@throughnightsfire.com

Be not afraid of growing slowly, be afraid only of standing still.

Chinese Proverb

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Dena L Moore, Intuitive Evolutionary Astrologer, Spiritual Consultant, Karmic Healer, & Metaphysician
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4 weeks - personalized Erotic Love Tarot
$12.00    Includes sexual interpretation and shows the tarot cards drawn, by hand, for you personally. I scan them in and create your reading just for you.
4 weeks - personalized Erotic Love Tarot Two individual readings for you and a lover. $24.00    Includes sexual interpretation and shows the tarot cards drawn, by hand, for you and a lover personally. I scan them in and create your reading just for you.
NOTICE: This service is on hold until June 4, 2010. You may still order but it will not be completed until June 4 - 8th. I work on a first come, first served basis and will schedule your reading in the order it was received.